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Name (last, first): Gale, Kylar
Nickname(s): Shadow, the night angel, gods killer

Age: 18

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: straight

Birthday: March 23

About Kylar

Personality:  He's a gentleman, soft spoken, silent, grumpy when tired,

Bad Habit(s): polishing his daggers when nervous

Like(s): wind ,snow,

Dislike(s): Chaoji Han, malcom C. Levellie, the Noah, Earl,

Hobbies: sleeping

Fear(s): falling in love

Strength(s): fighting in darkness

Weakness(es): fighting in daylight

Special Powers/Abilities: he can blend into shadows

Dreams and Talents

Ambition/Life-long Dream: freeing the world from the earl

Occupation/Job: Exorcist American branch(former) European branch(current)

Family and Friends

Parent(s): durzo mother is unknown

Sibling(s): only child

Relative(s): his father

Pet(s): None

Best Friend(s): mainly everyone

Friend(s): everyone except levellie and chaoji

Crush(es): none at the moment, later Daydra

Rival(s): kaoru Kanda Lyra lavi Allen

Enemies: the Earl Akuma the Noah humans that aid the Earl levellie and chaoji

D.Gray-man Information

Affiliation [ie. Exorcists, Black Order, etc.]:Exorcists, American Branch(former), European(current)

Looks and Appearance

Blood Type: A

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 150 ibs

Appearance: Icy blue eyes,brown black hair stopping at the nape of his neck, meduim build, slightly tanned skin though still pale, defined face

Extra Information

Theme Song/Quote: Rock the beat by slick beats, get away by the subdigitals, the world calling by there for tomorrow

Favorite Food(s): pasta, pizza, basically anything

Favorite Color(s): black gray silver

Favorite Number(s): anything odd

Favorite Season(s): winter and spring

Favorite Holiday(s):new years

Favorite Time of Day: night time and dusk

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I just liked your writing style and then there was the fluff. I like the fluff lots.
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Okay, thanks. :)
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